And so it begins…again

I JUST ACCIDENTALLY DELETED MY WHOLE POST!!!!!!!! Insert angry emoji here. Anyway, in my original post started by talking about Doogie Howser, but I guess my deleted post was a sign that it wasn’t clever enough…tough room.  So let’s get into it!

I just had surgery. Yep,  my surgeon removed half of my thyroid. While I am not one to jump to go under the knife, I am SO glad that I did.  the growth on my thyroid was the size of my fist. Not a walnut, not a lemon, but a fist. That’s pretty big. But I feel SO much better. Well, I know I am going to…after the pain subsides.

The doctor has put me on pretty strict orders:

Don’t talk too much….if anyone knows me, they know I am a talker, so this one is HARD…hence this post.

Don’t laugh too hard…another hard one. I love a good ole belly laugh. You know the one that brings painless tears to your eyes and causes a slight sting in your inner  core.

Don’t pick up anything over 10 pounds…that’s easy for me to follow with my daughter, but boy oh boy if you meet my son you would know that he makes that practically impossible.

Gets lots of rest…can’t help to say I have thoroughly enjoyed that one. The kids are away, the hubby is sleep, I talked to the Lord and I am happily following instruction.

And last, and least…. don’t eat chips. Yes chips. I don’t even like chips, so no problem there.

All in all. I know I am going to be happy with the results of this surgery.You wanna know why??? It’s  because Jesus was with me. It’s that simple.